How does character advancement work?

By fighting monsters and various other means, you gain experience points. With these experience points, you will grow in strength and gain levels. Your level is a reflection of your power. It doesn't mean that someone with fewer levels couldn't defeat you, just that you are simply more experienced.

When you have acquired enough experience points, you will gain a level and see a "Level Up!" sign flash on your screen. This will provide you with 15 skill points that you are free to spend or keep for later use.

How can you use your hard-earned points? You will have to find a trainer willing to teach you a skill or sharpen the skills you already have knowledge of. Usually, trainers charge a small fee for a training session. Be ready to open your pouch, for knowledge does not come cheaply in these harsh lands.

But wait, there's more! Whenever you gain a level, you will also receive five stat points that you may distribute as you desire among your attributes, which are Strength, Endurance, Agility, Intelligence, and Wisdom.

There will be arrows next to each attribute. Click the up arrow to add, and the down arrow to remove points. After placing the desired amount of points into each attribute, hit the “Apply” button to lock them all in. Hitting the Close button will reset all of the stat points for that level and you will have to do it over again. Remember that you can only remove points from a stat if you have spent points into it since the last time you clicked "Apply". Once you click that button, those points aren't going anywhere, so be mindful about how you spend your points!

Additionally, you are awarded a certain number of hit points each time you go up in level based upon how much Endurance your character has at that time.

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