How does the spell system work?

The goal here is not to spoil the fun of discovery and give away all the intricate workings of the magic system, but rather to educate anyone who wishes to gain a better understanding of how spells work in the game.

There are two types of spells, physical and mental. The classical examples of this are fire spells and lightning spells. Most fire spells affect the target's body and must therefore pass through its armor first. Lightning spells, however, have no such restriction and can directly affect the target regardless of the armor it is wearing. Nearly all of the spells can be categorized into 4 different elements. These are fire, water, air and earth. The remainder of the spells, like "curse", "word of recall" and several others, can be labeled as mana spells. Because the mana used to cast these spells remains unchanged, they often produce special and unique effects. Since mana flows at speeds far greater than mortal thought, the chances of a spell missing its target are infinitely small. Therefore, spells can never miss their target, but can be resisted to reduce the harmful effects.

When casting a spell, the magician must have a clear mind and a target in plain sight. If there is any object whatsoever blocking the path to the target, whether it be a wall, a monster, or even another player, the spell will hit the obstacle instead. Because of this, mages must be extra-careful when assisting someone else involved in melee combat. When a damage-dealing spell is cast at someone, two things can happen. Either the spell is resisted, in which case the damage is lessened, or it is not resisted and the spell hits with maximum force.

When learning a new spell, it is important that all the prerequisites have already been learned. For instance, if a mage wanted to learn the "fire bolt" spell, he would first have to learn the "flaming arrow" spell, which requires him to have the "fire dart" spell. Since learning spells demands a lot of resources, many mages may decide to specialize themselves in one or two elements. Keep in mind that only full-fledged mages will ever achieve the kind of power needed to learn and cast high-powered spells.

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