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What type of terrains can be encountered in The 4th Coming? Article not rated yet
There are towns, castles, dark castles, desert, forests, dark forests, mountains, volcano areas, shallow waters, caverns, dungeons, and much more.
How many monsters are there in the game? Article not rated yet
The exact amount is undetermined, but we can say that we have roughly 140 different types of monsters appearances. From them, many other monsters can be created. For example, a goblin warlord and a go...
Can monsters cast spells? Article not rated yet
Yes, they can-at least some of them can. Generally, the spells that monsters cast are different than the ones that can be learned as a player, although the effects of some may appear similar to those...
Can monsters have personal hatred against other monsters? Article not rated yet
Yes they can! Not everyone is going to get along all the time. The same is true with the monsters. There are some monsters that other monsters (and NPCs) just don't like.
Can monsters drop items and gold pieces when killed? Article not rated yet
Yes. You automatically receive the gold from the monster you have killed, while the items will be scattered on the ground for you to pick up. A note on gold: You should remember that if you are group...
How does night and day affect the game? Article not rated yet
Night and day should be different looks, nighttime should be darker than daytime. Things get even worse in dungeons and caverns, which are even darker than night. If you go in a dungeon or a cavern, m...
Is there a way to ignore an annoying person? Article not rated yet
Yes, you can press CTRL+L in-game to view the user list, and simply click the box to the right of the name of the person you want to ignore.
What ways of communication are there in the game? Article not rated yet
It is possible to send private pages, global shouts or to simply talk where you are standing (everybody within view will be able to read what you write). There is also a Chatter channel, guild-only ch...
How does character advancement work? Article not rated yet
By fighting monsters and various other means, you gain experience points. With these experience points, you will grow in strength and gain levels. Your level is a reflection of your power. It doesn't ...
Are there any ways of gaining experience other than slaying monsters? Article not rated yet
Yes. NPC's can also reward you with experience points for completing various quests.
How can I lose experience points? Article not rated yet
If you die, you may lose experience points depending on the server settings for the server you are playing on. For example, on Realmud server, if a monster kills you, you will loose 10% of current lev...
Do I lose a level if my experience points go below the required amount for my current level? Article not rated yet
No. However, you will have to regain your lost experience points before being able to earn experience points toward your next level.
Are there any in-game capabilities to capture a screenshot of the game? Article not rated yet
Yes, You can hit Ctrl + H to capture a screenshot in-game.  Screenshots taken in this way will be automatically saved to Documents \ Dialsoft \ T4CDEV \ ScreenShot  
How much time does the day & night last in real time? Article not rated yet
Time elapses faster in the game than it does in real life. We call this measure "game time." In the table below, we give an equivalent from game time to real time. Day and night are split roughly equa...
Are there any macro buttons in The 4th Coming? Article not rated yet
Yes. You can macro most F keys (Except for F1 which opens the Help window). You can also macro all ctrl-F keys. Most ctrl-letters work, but some are already in use to get to the statistic pages. Most...
What are NPCs and what purpose do they serve in the game? Article not rated yet
The acronym NPC means "Non-Playing Character". These are the inhabitants of the world of Althea with whom you can interact and that are controlled by the computer. Some of them may sell you items or t...
How can we communicate with an NPC? Article not rated yet
Simply left-click on an NPC and it will enter into Talk mode. The highlighted words said by an NPC are keywords. You can write these keywords to the NPC and he/she will respond. The most frequently us...
Is it possible for a player to kill an NPC? Article not rated yet
Yes. NPCs such as Jarko, Balork, Mhorgwloth and others can be killed. However, most of the towns citizens are invulnerable to your pitiful attempts on their lives.
Can an NPC have hidden keywords in its conversation? Article not rated yet
Yes. You will find clues in the game as to what hidden keywords you should say to an NPC.
How can I recover mana points to cast spells? Article not rated yet
As mages are able to gather the mana energy in their environment, it is possible for them to regain lost mana by letting time do its work. However, you can also regain mana points by drinking potions ...
How does the spell system work? Article not rated yet
The goal here is not to spoil the fun of discovery and give away all the intricate workings of the magic system, but rather to educate anyone who wishes to gain a better understanding of how spells wo...
Can a warrior cast a powerful spell? Article not rated yet
Yes and no. To learn powerful spells, you have to invest your skill points into spells. Doing so will prevent you from learning a lot of the skills usually associated with a fighter type. Also, spells...

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