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How does the spell system work?
What type of terrains can be encountered in The 4th Coming?
How many monsters are there in the game?
Can monsters cast spells?
Can monsters have personal hatred against other monsters?
Can monsters drop items and gold pieces when killed?
How does night and day affect the game?
Is there a way to ignore an annoying person?
What ways of communication are there in the game?
How does character advancement work?
Are there any ways of gaining experience other than slaying monsters?
How can I lose experience points?
Do I lose a level if my experience points go below the required amount for my current level?
Are there any in-game capabilities to capture a screenshot of the game?
How much time does the day & night last in real time?
Are there any macro buttons in The 4th Coming?
What are NPCs and what purpose do they serve in the game?
How can we communicate with an NPC?
Is it possible for a player to kill an NPC?
Can an NPC have hidden keywords in its conversation?
How can I recover mana points to cast spells?
Can a warrior cast a powerful spell?

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