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Server Settings Article not rated yet
Realmud Server Settings General Settings Game version  1.71 PVP  Starts at level 10 PVP Range 
VIP Features Article not rated yet
VIP Features Purchasing VIP will give you access to a few things to aid your gameplay.   VIP Islands This is probably the most desired VIP feature, you will get access to islands (one for eac...
Webshop Companions Article not rated yet
Companions (pets) On the WebShop you can now purchase companions (pets that will walk beside you inside the game). There are eight standard pets to choose from, although special pets may be introduc...
Webshop Tutorial Article not rated yet
Webshop Tutorial Welcome to the webshop help area, where we'll guide you through using the T4C Webshop! 1) Visit and login using your username and password. If you have multiple ac...
Lag Debugging Icons Article not rated yet
Lag Debugging Icons Occasionally during gameplay you may experience one of three different types of lag icons, they are listed below with explanations. Disk Access This occurs when the client sof...
Encumbrance Chart Article not rated yet
Encumbrance Chart This page will show how much encumbrance your character will have based on the amount of strength it has. Encumbrance is calculated from the following formula: Enc = (Str * 500)...

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