VIP Features

VIP Features

Purchasing VIP will give you access to a few things to aid your gameplay.


VIP Islands

This is probably the most desired VIP feature, you will get access to islands (one for each of the current islands of Arakas, Ravens Dust, Stoneheim and Ancient Land). The islands will offer a greater amount of XP than the regular islands, they also have quests within for newer items. You can access Arakas VIP free until level 21 as a taster session.

VIP NPC Locations

Arakas (level 1-26) Just inside Olin Haad's cave, southwest of DarkFang
Ravensdust (level 26-61)  Behind Lighthaven temple in a small house
Stoneheim (level 51-121)  Lighthaven stables
Ancient Land (level 100-185) Lighthaven tower (where you learn spells)
Ancient Land+ (level 185-250)  Ancient land potion shop, out back


Miracle Stone

This is an item that when activated by a HGM will supply spell ups for you, the spells it provides is dependent upon the HGM who activates.

Auction House

This is a system that allows you to sell in-game items to other users without needing to be on, you can set the amount yourself or allow items to be bid upon. If an item you're selling is sold when you are offline, the gold amount will be given to your charcter when you log-in next, if an item doesn't sell then it will return to your storage chest.

+3 Weapons NPC

Tomyr Amos is located out the back of Castle of Orkanis on Arakas, you can use him to create +3 weapons which are stronger than the originals. See the add-on section for further information on this NPC.

Store Items

In being a VIP member you can purchase and use certain items on the store such as double XP orbs and increasing your storage chest capacity.


You can use companions (in-game pets that follow your character) from being a VIP player, just purchase a companion from the store, log in-game and double click the scroll and then use the companion's gem.


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